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sa arrow 01/20/2010: JPL news release - JPL Scientist Receives American Meteorological Society Honor

sa arrow 07/09/2008: JPL news release - Ocean Wind Power Maps Reveal Possible Wind Energy Sources
arrow 07/15/2008: Earth Observatory - Global Ocean Wind Energy Potential

sa arrow 01/01/2007: JPL Planetary Photojournal - QuikScat Shows Rough Seas/Atmospheric Conditions at Time of Two Java Sea Disasters
arrow 01/10/2007: NASA Earth Observatory - Storms in the Java Sea

flood arrow 05/05/2006: NASA news release - NASA Instrument Provides New Data on Floods and Droughts
arrow 05/22/2006: JPL news release - NASA Instrument Provides New Data on Floods and Droughts

olaf-nancy arrow 02/15/2005: NASA Earth Observatory - Cyclones in the Pacific
arrow 02/15/2005: Global Coordinate - Tropical Cyclones Olaf and Nancy

ana arrow 03/11/2004: JPL news release - NASA Satellite Finds Something Fishy About Santa Ana Winds

kaitak arrow 12/06/2002: JPL news release - Latest Ocean Winds Research Creates a Stir
arrow 12/07/2002: Centre Daily Times news - Typhoons Help Ocean Life, Scientists Say

itcz arrow 07/09/2002: JPL news release - Satellite Sees Double Zones of Converging Tropical Winds around the World
arrow 07/20/2002: Earth Observatory - Twin Convergence Zones
arrow 07/09/2002: GSFC Top Story - Satellite Sees Double Zones of Converging Tropical Winds around the World

twin arrow 05/24/2002: NASA Earth Observatory - The Beginnings of Typhoon Hagibis

wake arrow 06/14/2001: JPL news release - Satellites Reveal Hawaiian Isles' Long Tail of Wind and Water
arrow NASA Earth Observatory - Little Island, Big Wake
arrow 04/10/2002: Science@NASA - Hawaii's Wake

olga arrow 08/09/1999: JPL news release - Seawinds Radar Instrument Captures Fury of Typhoon Olga

tele arrow 06/02/1998: JPL news release - NASA Satellite Data Reveal New Clues About El Niño Influence on U.S Coastal Waters

gonu arrow 02/26/2009: JPL news release NASA Study Finds 'Pre-Existing Condition' Fueled Killer Cyclone

gonu arrow 06/06/2007: Planetary Photojournal Tropical Cyclone Gonu Observed by QuikSCAT

sa arrow 07/05/2006: NASA news release - NASA Satellites Find Balance in South America's Water Cycle
arrow 07/19/2006: Singtao Daily News - NASA JPL Scientists Find Balance in South America's Water Cycle

meddes arrow 03/20/2006: JPL news release - Scientists Use Satellites to Help Detect Deep-Ocean Whirlpools
arrow 03/20/2006: Chinese news release -
arrow 03/23/2006: Chinese news release from Xinhua News -

hurricane arrow 06/01/2005: NASA Mission - Meet NASA's Dr. Tim Liu: Principal Scientist With a Focus on Hurricane Winds and Heat

brazil storm arrow 03/30/2004: JPL news release - NASA's QuikScat Captures First-Ever South Atlantic Hurricane

twin arrow 07/03/2002: NASA Earth Observatory - El Niño Threatens, but Fizzles (for Now)

twin arrow 03/14/2002: JPL news release - Recent Shifts in Pacific Winds May Support El Nino Formation
arrow 03/18/2002 ScienceDaily - Recent Shifts In Pacific Winds May Support El Nino Formation
arrow NASA earth Observatory - Twin Cyclones Result From Shift in the Trade Winds

windice arrow 09/27/2001: Hong Kong Oriental Daily News - Scientists Track Hurricanes

twin arrow 05/04/2000: NASA Earth Observatory - Hurricane Floyd from SeaWinds and the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission

tele arrow 06/11/2001: JPL news release - When Gloom Blooms in June, Is Catalina Eddy the Reason for the Season?

depre arrow 09/11/2000: JPL news release - Tropical Depressions Can't Hide Behind Clouds Anymore

tom arrow 10/03/1996: JPL news release - First Wind Data from Scatterometer Captures Pacific Typhoons

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