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Download Options

On-Line Download

Command line

Besides using the online download, two alternate ways to download bulk data from our web server are

1. using rsync:

To download the QuikSCAT wind data for entire 2004, the command is
rsync -avz ./
password: return key

To download January 2004, the command is
rsync -avz* ./

To list what data are available on the rsync server, type:

If this doesn't work, then check whether port 873/tcp is blocked for outgoing packet by either client host or institutional firewall. If you don't have rsync on your system, go to for download.

2. using wget:

wget -nc -r
to download the entire 2004 data.

wget -nc -r*
to download January 2004 data.

If you have any problems to download data, please email Xiaosu Xie at

The "readme" file provides the file format information. If you have any problems with scatterometer data, please contact Wendy Tang at For moisture transport data, please contact Xiaosu Xie at

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